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Fall Trend: Dressing Down

Zenija Esmits

It was all the rage in the late 60’s. Who doesn’t have old photos featuring a coordinating wedding party - garbed in oversized “pucci” printed flares with matching mini dresses over top. No? Perhaps that was just me. But I’m sure we all remember Jennifer Anniston bringing it back via her Friends wardrobe at the turn of the last century. No?  She began wearing dresses over pants for formal occasions, casual interludes and fights with Ross. Glorified tunics perhaps, but still there was a deliberate layering and not for the sake of warmth. It was most definitely form over function. 

From culottes to flares and from bottom skimming tunics to floor dusting frocks, the Fall collections are chock-a-block with various length skirts & dresses thrown effortlessly over bottoms. Some are without a doubt designed as a single ensemble, featuring coordinating smocks and slacks, others are a little more like “separates”. Giambattista Valli, Missoni and Antonio Marras - showed such matching ensembles. Stella McCartney and Victor & Rolf included similar yet more sedate versions on this theme.

The dress over slacks trend is great for a few reasons: As well as being entirely stylish (not to mention warm) all of a sudden all your separates have just that much more versatility. Mix, match, collect and trade. There really are no rules.