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2776 South Granville St
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3J3

604 257 2300

Vancouver luxury boutique carrying an exquisite collection of clothing and accessories for women and men.

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What's up with.. Glasfurd & Walker

Zenija Esmits

Boboli has a new look - this is how we got there: Branding.

Using Vancouver design firm Glasfurd & Walker for our branding and Ste. Marie for the beautiful interior space we now have a lovely new identity for our South Granville boutique. The two design teams not only work intimately together on many of their projects resulting in well planned and aesthetically compatible branding and design schemes, but they share an office.

With clients ranging from artists to restaurateurs their collective experience is vast. Although clients may range in description they share a receptiveness to the Glasfurd& Walker’s design sensibility. Boboli’s rebrand was no different. Careful not to detract from the legacy and refinement that Boboli embodies the branding thoughtfully addresses the legacy and maximizes the quality to make a luxury store accessible.

Phoebe Glasfurd and Aren Fieldwalker are a design duo that has become very sought after in Vancouver and as a result very well respected. We were very pleased to collaborate with them on such an important project.

Q. What is your general inspiration: i.e. influences during childhood, school, hobbies etc.?

A. I spent 6 months in Japan studying many years ago and everything that I observed and learnt there has had a big influence on the way I design. Aesthetic & function are always equally considered in all areas of Japanese culture.

Regardless of project I find I am always inspired by Arts, Popular Culture and Fashion.

Q. What was your specific inspiration for Boboli?

A. The past as much as the future and honouring their history in Vancouver and their previous identity. And of course, Margie - her taste and style, and sense of fun.Her ability to combine classic style with a modern twist and incredible love of fashion.

Q. What was your first Vancouver project?

A. Our first Canadian Project was for MTV Canada through a local production company, the most well known and significant was BaoBei Chinese Brasserie and Chambar Ale - they were at about the same time.

Q. Australia has a reputation for great design, are you consciously bringing this more refined aesthetic to Vancouver?

A. I don’t think we do that consciously but I do feel that every client and project we work on deserves the best we can offer in regards to design - if we help raise the overall level of aesthetic for the industry here then that’s a big bonus.

Q. How did G&W team up with Ste. Marie?

A. We first worked with Craig on Bao Bei shortly followed by Meat & Bread - we work well together and have enjoyed collaborating on many projects over the years and hope to do so for years to come.

Q. Vancouver (and Canada in general) is quite protective/proud of its "national treasures", do you classify yourselves as a Canadian design company, or do your Australian beginnings carry more weight?

A. I will always be Australian and old habits die hard - I still read the Age newspaper online everyday day and find that most of the newsletters I subscribe to are Australian brands and labels I have always followed. That said, I have made Vancouver my home and will likely be here for a long time. We work locally and are influenced by our clients and their vision - which often is very Canadian. But we have clients in many cities around the world so it is probably more accurate to say that I try to be "globally" minded as much as anything else. In the end I love Vancouver for its cultural diversity which I think makes it a very interesting city I am proud to be apart of.


Q. What is your favorite article of clothing?

A. Is Jewellery clothing? I think I am more sentimental and excited by pieces of jewellery than any one piece of clothing - I get tired of things quite quickly. My favourite piece (this week) is ring by Australian Designer Elke Kramer.


Q. What do you never leave home without?

A. My bag - containing everything but the kitchen sink. (Currently a Times Arrow Tote from Boboli)


Q. What’s your proudest moment?

A. I tend to be proud of others over myself. I am proud of those I work with, I am proud of my family and friends, clients and Aren, my husband and business partner.


Q. What scares you?

A. Failure.


Q. What’s your favourite film?

A. Lost in Translation.


Q. If you weren’t a/an designer what would you be?

A. Honestly, I have few talents or interests outside of design so I’d likely be aimless or homeless or both.


Q. It’s the desert island scenario, what album do you have with you?

A. Fleetwood Mac, Rumours.


Q. How many shoes do you own?

A. Too many to fit my closet.


Q. If you were a cake, what kind would you be?

A. That is honestly the hardest question I’ve ever been asked!!? Let me think about it...