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2776 South Granville St
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3J3

604 257 2300

Vancouver luxury boutique carrying an exquisite collection of clothing and accessories for women and men.

Journal of images, product and fashion news.

Established in 1985 and situated in Vancouver’s South Granville Shopping District, this luxury boutique carries an exquisite collection of designer women’s clothing, shoes and accessories

White Wedding

Zenija Esmits

It's that time of season again. The time where weddings populate the style-o-sphere. As the years roll by, the idea of what constitutes as an acceptable wedding ensemble seems to get more flexible. With prints, lengths and colours becoming increasingly varied, traditional white is perhaps less in-vogue. Or is it?

We've put together a selection of our favorite designers wedding-worthy whites. Whether they were intended for this purpose is unknown, the fact of the matter is - white will stand out on your special day, be it in a cathedral or city hall. 

Our tips for finding that mythical "perfect dress" (or pant-suit) are to:

1. be comfortable

2. take your venue and surroundings into account

3. don't overthink. Everyone will be looking at you regardless of what you wear.


images via Vogue Runway